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Today we have an exciting announcement about the progress and future of Jumbie. It is said that in order to be a good project manager, you have to recognize where you need help and get the right people to help you. So while Dixie Ann and I have certain aspects of the Jumbie project covered, we need help in other areas.

Dixie Ann is the one who was instrumental in working out exactly how we would be moving forward to make Jumbie happen. She’s an accountant by profession and basically said that we needed to tackle the project in phases. The first phase is what we’re announcing today. We signed contracts with our first two writers. They will be responsible for coming up with the script for the pilot episode of Jumbie. We want to thank our patrons because their direct support made it possible for us to hire those writers. Without them, we could not do it.

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Meet Lylah G Persaud and Jarrel De Matas.

Lylah G. Persad and Jarrel De Matas

In terms of qualifications and credentials:

Lylah is an artistic director, voice acting and drama coach and author. She is also an accomplished playwright with several award winning plays under her belt. She has also been an advocate for gender issues for many years. She has a great deal of experience when it comes to writing compelling characters and storytelling. Her experience is deeply rooted in Caribbean culture.

Jarrel is a Teaching Associate at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. He is also a PhD student in English Literature at the University of Massachusetts. His main research interests involve Caribbean Science Fiction. However, he also has interests in children’s literature and superhero fantasy. He’s written for a range of journals on topics concerning race and superhero identities, fantasy, science fiction, and horror fiction. He has several published articles in local and foreign newspapers and magazines. He is also Trini to the bone.

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So we gave you their credentials but that’s not why we chose them. We are lucky to have such qualified people on board, but that was not the deciding factor. These two individuals are very, very passionate about Jumbie and what we are trying to do. Given their combined qualifications and experience, it goes without saying that we would not have been able to afford them. Because of their passion for the project, they both agreed to meet us where our resources were able to reach. So they are not in it for the money. Both of them are extremely down to earth and have seen the vision behind Jumbie, the impact it can have on our society for years to come and how instrumental it can be to help mould the younger generation. We will have more writers in the future to get as diverse a landscape of story as possible but these two will start things off.

We already had our first meeting and we had a great time.

First Zoom meeting with writer’s team.

We’ve already started working on the pilot, but this is a major step towards bringing the project to completion and making it a reality.

Lylah and Jarrel began work almost immediately.

Lylah and Jarrel at their first brainstorming session.

Thank you, thank you, thank you again to our patrons for helping us make it happen. Thank you, our fans for your continued support and encouragement.

Once the script is complete, the next phase will be voicing. We will be reaching out to folks who have taken part in our open call when that time comes. Thank you again for being a part of it.

Till next time.


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