Jumbie Merch Now on Patreon

Happy New Year!
Despite all the challenges, we are grateful to have made it to 2022. For the new year, we have decided to finally roll out some Jumbie Merch. We are offering it first to our loyal supporters on Patreon. When you join us on Patreon, as a gift and depending on your support tier, you get cool exclusive Jumbie merch. Have a look at some of the merch below.

This very cool Jumbie coffee mug can be yours for three payments of the Top Up tier and up.
The Jumbie t-shirt and more is yours for three payments of the Full Coverage tier and up.
The hoodie and more is yours for three payments to the Big In D’ Dance tier.

Plus you get the same cool behind the scenes access to all our Patreon content. So what are you waiting for? Come join the journey now.

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