Jumbie Recognized by The Ministry of Tourism, Culture and The Arts

Greetings folks,

We have a really important announcement about the Jumbie project. We have been sitting on this one for a while now but we are finally ready to share the news with Trinidad and Tobago and the world. We are happy to announce, that Jumbie has been recognized by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago by way of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and The Arts, as a project that promotes Trinidad and Tobago culture.

When we first started the Jumbie project our intention was to create something that would inspire and encourage people to overcome the challenges they were facing with the onset of the pandemic and all the uncertainty that was in the world. That is still our intention, however, Jumbie has since grown into something more than that. Fans now see Jumbie as an important project for cultural representation in animation.

The significance behind this recognition is that it is an incentive for corporate bodies who would like to support or invest in Jumbie. They can now support a project that is recognized by the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and The Arts.

We want to thank the Secretariat of The National Registry of Artists and Cultural Workers. They were very helpful and understanding as they walked us through the process. Without their guidance and support, we would not have gotten the certificate of recognition. We also want to say thanks to FilmTT for the role they played in supporting us to get this certification.

Above all else, we want to thank the fans of Jumbie who through their constant support have made it possible for Jumbie to be recognized by the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and The Arts. Thank you so much for spreading the word far and wide about Jumbie.

We want to urge you guys to continue to follow our journey as we continue to work hard to make this project a reality.

Till next time.


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